What is it? 

A PACKAGE of services that quickly gets you started with QuickBooks and coaches you to financial management success. The package includes:

  • Setup for the efficient use of the new QuickBooks Cloud
  • A professional assessment of your bookkeeping needs
  • QuickBooks training for you and your staff
  • Watchful care by a CPA/Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor
  • Financial management training
  • 13 months of professional support


quickbooks-logoKHIC-start QuickBooks is an INVESTMENT in your business that starts with an assessment of your bookkeeping and financial management needs. It then gets you setup with the most technologically advanced version of QuickBooks Cloud. Training begins slowly with you inputting sales transactions while a professional team is watching every entry and entering for you all of the transactions you haven’t been trained to enter yet. This gives you a complete set of books right from the start even though you are just beginning to learn the system.

Because you have a complete set of books and because there is a professional team backing you up, you will start receiving financial reports, coaching in what those reports tell you and the ability to use that information to make financially informed decisions right from the beginning. We are confident this assistance will help to propel your business towards growth and prosperity.

OK, so lets have a heart-to-heart here…the facts…

93% of small business owners report that the part of the business they least enjoy is bookkeeping and finance. They tend to ignore it, you know, sweep it under the rug per se, until the lump becomes so big they trip over it.

Yet 81% of successful small business owners report that a strong financial competency in their business was the #1 contributor to success because it provided a “continuous flow of useful information that informed decisions in every aspect of the business”.

The KHIC-start QuickBooks package allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Over time you are learning how and doing what to do to develop a useful financial competency within your business. RIGHT FROM THE START though, you have a team of professional and passionate bean counters backing you up and filling the knowledge gaps.

So, who is the team? (of professional and passionate bean counters)

Tammy Clontz – CPA, Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor and experienced CFO
Crystal Baker – trained and experienced QuickBooks user and customer service ‘extraordinaire’
Bill Schutters and the Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center support staff and lenders
Any tax accountants or other professional advisors you normally use
And most important…YOU! (and any staff that helps you)


Now you may be thinking, “wait a minute, how is that diverse and scattered group of people going to function as a team?”

That IS the “wonder” of the new QuickBooks Cloud system. It stores all of your data in a safe and secure “cloud” that allows anyone you “authorize” to have access to your financial reports on a real-time basis (in other words, your reports are updated everytime you post a transaction so that their always current).

In addition, you don’t ever have to worry about your computer crashing or your data being lost from a fire or vandalism because it is always stored in safe and secure servers at a remote location. No need to do backups either. (See attached FAQ on security issues)

You know what else is really cool? All of your financial entries and reports are available to you anywhere you are via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. So if you’re at a sales convention and you want to see what your sales were for that day, you can pull them up on your smartphone and know exactly what has been posted. Plus, the banking data your bookkeeping system needs can be set up to automatically download to your bookkeeping system directly from the bank.

The system also allows “your team” to enter notes and questions that you or other team members can respond to. You go from a bookkeeping system that is minimally useful to a full access system of financial data and commentary that can be used every day to make better decisions.

What does it cost? By now you may be thinking, “Wow, this is like hiring an entire team of financial professionals; it must be expensive”. The regular price for these services (what we’ll be charging after this initial offering) is:

$500 for the software
$ 80 per hour for set-up and training
$145 per hour for CPA services
$ 50 per hour for support services
Over the course of a year, at a minimum you would pay:
Software $ 500
5 hours for an assessment $ 400
20 hours for set up and training $1,600
2 hours a month for support $1,200
2 hours a month for CPA time $3,300
TOTAL $ 7,000
And if you paid a CPA to do all of this it would exceed $10,000!

For our Specially priced PACKAGE…it will only cost you $125 a month!?!
This is a limited time offer and is expected to end in February

We understand the importance to you of a good accounting system. We want you to succeed and we all know that good financial records and financial management is critical to that success. We worked for almost a year to create a package that is a huge incentive for you to “KHIC-start your business”. We have also been able to secure grant funds to offset some of the cost to you and, Tammy Clontz our trainer and CPA has discounted her services for this introductory program. If you would like to pay for this investment in a single payment, the total amount is $6,000. This is a huge savings over the regular price of $7,000 or the $10,000 you would pay your CPA.

The first month is totally FREE and you get a full twelve months of assistance after that. If after the first month you decide this program is not for you, then you can cancel and pay nothing for the assessment and the initial set-up.

So what are you waiting for? Call the Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center today at: 606-729-1031 We will answer your questions about the program and then direct you to our on-line and registration form. Your assessment appointment will be scheduled and you’ll be on your way to upgrading your bookkeeping and financial management system.

We are confident that equipped with these superior tools and professional support you will be able to improve your financial performance. Most likely you will gain a boost to your profitability that will pay for the investment before the year is over