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As a KHIC-Starter, our name for an individual or business that joins our group, you have access to a range of valuable business building tools and assets. As today’s business environment and needs change, so will our offerings. As a KHIC-Starter you will have input into what relevant Programs & Products are made available.

KHIC-Start Programs

KHIC-Start Business Accelerator
Our Accelerator program is for businesses that already have established much of their focus, direction, and have many of their pieces in place. Your KHIC experience will reflect where you are in your growth and we will help “fill in the blanks” to help accelerate your journey toward success.
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KHIC-Start Business Incubator
Our Incubator program is a track for businesses that are in the very early stages of start-up. At this phase, most business owners “don’t know the importance of what they don’t know” and can greatly benefit from the basic guidance, how-to approach, and hands-on encouragement provided. As a KHIC-Starter Incubator our goal is for you to move seamlessly into Accelerator status.
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KHIC-Start Products

These KHIC Products are the core business education tools available to you as a KHIC-Starter at a significantly reduced rate. Introductory sessions may be made available for free with intermediate to advanced continuing education sessions offered on a fee-based schedule. Check our Calendar for upcoming dates.
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KHIC-Start Marketing

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